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EveryONE Counts at Radiant Life Church, and we hope you feel like part of our family every time we gather together.

Worship Services ………………………  Sun @ 10am
Jr & Sr High Services …………………..  Sun @ 6pm
Food Pantry ……………………… Wed @ 9am-Noon
Conversational Sign Language …. Tue @ 6:30pm

Worship Services
Jr & Sr High Services
Food Pantry
Conversational Sign Language
Sun @ 10am
Sun @ 6pm
Wed @ 9am-noon
Tue @ 6:30pm
Sharing life’s journey through growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

what we believe

We are defined by our faith in Jesus Christ, anchored in the truth of the Bible, and committed to developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Our core values

HONOR GOD with everything we do.

EXPRESS COMPASSION toward everyone we meet.

STRENGTHEN FAMILIES in every season of life.

BUILD COMMUNITY where everybody is valued.

Meet The Team

We are blessed to have incredible leadership staff and volunteers. Our team is committed to serving the needs of Radiant Life Church and empowering others to see God’s will accomplished in our community.


Life is better together. Check out some of our upcoming events, opportunities to connect, and special celebrations.

A Note From Our Pastor

Welcome to Radiant Life Church! When was the last time you prayed for a miracle? I’m not asking when you prayed that your favorite team would beat the odds to claw out a victory, or when you whimsically hoped that you’d pic the winning lottery numbers. But, when was the last time you sought Jesus and asked Him to do a totally awesome thing that only God can do?
While many of our prayers tend to focus on our own needs, this week we explore an amazing miracle of Jesus that begins with a group of people approaching Jesus on behalf of a friend. We can still seek God for healing and blessings in the lives of others—Really Believe It!
““As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you…”  –1 Samuel 12:23a

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Robert T

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